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Blue Grip Felting Needles - 2 pack

Blue Grip Felting Needles - 2 pack
Product Code: SEWflt-BGR
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I use this felting needle to attach wool hair directly to the doll's head.  It's a 36-gauge, triangular point needle with a cushion top for maximum comfort, control and fast felting action.  Extra strong & long lasting.  It also has 50% more barbs at the tip so it will take less time to attach the hair.  

DOLL MAKERS TIP:  Attaching wool hair to the doll's head. 
Take a piece of wool (yarn or roving) & place it on your doll's head. Start poking the felting needle down through the wool & into the dolls head, the barbs on the needle will grab tiny little strands of the wool & push them down under the muslin, locking them in place. Continue poking until the yarn is firmly attached to the head. This procedure totally eliminates the need for attaching wool hair with a needle & thread...such a time-saver!!

You will get 2 needles per pack.
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